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What do you know of the Rolling Calf


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What do you know of the Rolling Calf

Talking about duppies and supper natural beings the other day, my son asked me what was a Rolling Calf. The truth is I have grown up hearing of rolling calves but there has never been a clear explanation of who or what it is.
Essentially the rolling calf was there to scare us. However depending on who told the story it took on different sizes, colours and characteristics. Not to mention the way to get away from or avoid the dreaded beast. That differed from story teller to story teller.
It’s like the game, Chinese telephone. Everyone sits in a circle. The first person relates something in a whisper to the person sitting next to them. The second persons then relate exactly what they heard to the next person in line. This continues until all the players have heard ‘supposedly’ the same thing and it comes back to the first person. Well, we all know how that usually ends. The story told in the beginning is never the same in the end. In the same way the stories about the rolling calf changes from generation to generation.
So I’ve embarked on a campaign to find out more about the rolling calf. I would especially like to hear from some of you out there. What do you know, or should I say, what have you been told about the rolling calf. What or who is it, who is it after, how does one avoid it or what should you do if you met up with one.
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