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Sagicor Life Jamaica Still Supporting Haiti


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Sagicor Life Jamaica Still Supporting Haiti

Sagicor Life Jamaica presented Five Million Dollars to the Haiti relief and recovery project undertaken by the Jamaica Red Cross.The cheque was presented at a luncheon at Sagicor Life Jamaica's corporate offices on Wednesday June 16. An update on the status of the recovery and relief efforts was also provided by former Jamaican Prime Minister now CARICOM's Special Representative on Haiti The Hon. P.J. Patterson and President of the Red Cross, Dr. Jaslin Salmon. .

Haiti is still recovering from a deadly January 16 earthquake that killed thousands and eliminated a significant portion of the country's infrastructure. .

President and CEO of Sagicor Life Jamaica Richard Byles, presented the cheque to Dr. Jaslin Salmon. In expressing his gratitude to Sagicor, Salmon explained that more than one million people are still in temporary shelters, and there are considerable challenges in getting supplies to them. "There is no available space for erecting permanent structures because all that rubble is still there, and no place to put that even if we move it," he noted..

Dr. Salmon added that with the hurricane season being here, the relief and recovery needed to continue quickly. "Sagicor Life's donation helps us to build up the Haitian Red Cross, which will build support with the Government to help more with the relief," he noted..

The Rock Tower (ROKTOWA), an art studio and gallery in downtown Kingston which facilitates a cultural exchange between Haitian and Jamaican artistes (The Haitian Artistes Project) was also presented with a cheque from PanCaribbean by President and CEO Donovan Perkins.

Mr. Patterson used the opportunity to provide an update on the progress of the rebuilding process. He stated that considerable work still needed to be done in Haiti, as several Government institutions, records, and buildings were destroyed, thereby crippling the country's electoral process. He asserted that this was one of the most critical areas to now focus attention because there is no Government in place to make crucial decisions about rebuilding the country.

Mr. Patterson praised Sagicor Life Jamaica's donation to the Red Cross, and explained that similar contributions from other entities are needed to help rebuild infrastructure in Haiti..

"Private sector involvement is crucial at this time, billions will be needed over the next few years," he stated. Mr. Patterson also expressed his appreciation to Sagicor for keeping Haiti in the news. This was echoed by the President of the Jamaican Red Cross, Dr. Jaslin Salmon, who explained that with the hurricane season being here, the relief and recovery needed to continue quickly. "Sagicor Life's donation helps us to build up the Haitian Red Cross, which will build support with the Government to help more with the relief," he noted..

Representatives of The Haitian Artists Project also expressed their appreciation to PanCaribbean, a subsidiary of Sagicor Life Jamaica, for its donation to their project. Through this initiative, ten Haitian artists were invited to participate in a three month residency program in partnership with the University of the West Indies. During this period, twenty copies of a limited edition book titled From the Trembling Heart will be produced. The project's spokesman Hubert Neal, explained that the work is progressing smoothly and should become a historic testimonial of the overwhelming effect of the earthquake on the lives of Haitians as seen through the artistes' eyes..

Mr. Byles, announced that the funds donated were only a fraction of the company's total commitment to Haiti. .

"The Sagicor group has committed US$250,000 towards Haiti, and today we presented the Sagicor Life Jamaica portion of $5 million. Our staff of PanCaribbean and Sagicor Life had also pledged to assist. This will be donated later to another organization," he announced. .

Haiti was severely damaged by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that killed several hundred thousand people and left over one million homeless. Several nations have given support to the Caribbean nation, but relief and recovery efforts still continue.

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