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Yellowman, Lawman Lynch, D’Angel and Others Uniting for Change in Jamaica!


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Yellowman, Lawman Lynch, D’Angel and Others Uniting for Change in Jamaica!

Jamaica Unite! This is the song penned by Lawman Lynch, hoping and wishing for a new Jamaica. Fear, uncertainty and reflection have enveloped Jamaica in the wake of the West Kingston unrest. Many Jamaicans questioned how we lived and how we treat each other.

Moreover, the music fraternity has been going through its own special troubles – with another artiste, Ding Dong, barred from travelling to and performing in Trinidad just this week. Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and others have had their visas revoked barring them from the lucrative American market. It is a time to look inward, reflect and change.

Lawman Lynch, a national youth advocate, penned this song after his own car was firebombed after expressing a forthright opinion on the Prime Minister’s resignation on current affairs program, Direct. He could have concentrated on his disappointment at the postponement of his charity concert, Music for Life - for the Lawman Lynch Foundation. Instead he brought the artistes together to sing a song of hope and togetherness for this island of Jamaica. Yellowman, D’Angel, Hezron, Raine Seville, Gabriel aka Levardes, Neil Amos, Kimberley Nain, Hodari and others are all on the song. The song is being produced by Mafia McKoy of Loud Disturbance Records.

The contributions don’t stop there! Veteran artiste, Yellowman is even putting up money to get a video done. “Recognizing the importance of unity and togetherness in this time of hardship, I had to put in my contribution as well. Especially as an artiste, we in the music need to pull together now more than ever”.

To show the unity of Jamaica in the face of all that we have suffered and continue to feel, the group – Lawman Lynch and friends – is coordinating a move for all radio stations to play Jamaica Unite at the same time – next Wednesday (June 16th) at 2:15pm.

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