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Tivoli Gardens on Lock Down...?


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Tivoli Gardens on Lock Down...?

If this entire saga was to be put in a movie then where we are right now would be considered the Climax of the film.Yes things are heating up in Jamaica as people have now come out from all sides giving their support to Bruce, and to the "Prezzi" (nickname of the gang leader who is set to be extradited) in the extradition saga. Now that the order for extradition has been signed, it is now the job of the police to go and find "Prezzi" wherever he is. A task which may prove to be much harder than it sounds as there are a number of... obstacles (to say the least) in their way.

The first obstacle is the fact that, they dont exactly know where this man is. He has no fixed address that the police have on record for them to go find him. While Jamaica is a small country, it can seem rather large when you are trying to find one single person, especially when that one person is famed around the country so much that many people are afraid to talk about him. The other issue is that he has so many garrisons throughout the country that it would be difficult to search just one for him... which also poses a difficulty as nobody in the garrison will want to give him up anyway, after all this man will have been the source of many people's bread and butter for many years, and they surely appreciate his work.

The republic of Tivoli gardens**Taken from Jamaica Observer

As an example of how much they support him, earlier in the week it was felt that people living in Tivoli Gardens were being held hostage in their community. This was believed to be the case after barricades were put up all around Tivoli gardens seemingly to prevent anyone from entering or exiting the community. It was also reported that citizens of the community were told to give up their cell phones and they were not allowed to communicate with anyone outside.

Military-esque fortifications**Taken from Jamaica Observer

However - while the barricades still stand - the people of tivoli gardens have all come out in a peaceful demonstration to give their support and also to state that all of what was reported was a lie. These people wearing full white and brandishing their  cell phones marched to the various police stations to state that they defend dudus. They did however state that they will die for their area leader and they do not want the police to come inside their community to take him away from them.

Peaceful March**Taken from Jamaica Gleaner

As for who organized this march I think is up to question.

However the police are in quite the dilemma as they attempt to both find and arrest dudus amidst all the barricades being put up, and people who are so willing to give their lives for this man. As the situation reaches its climax, one cannot be sure when this tension will end but I do hope it ends with as little loss of life as possible.

Dudus Dog**Taken from Jamaica Observer

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