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The power of one (May 17, 2010 part 1)


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The power of one (May 17, 2010 part 1)

I was really torn between typing an article regarding yesterday's activities, and focusing on the speech giving by Bruce Golding last night in his address to the nation. Then I realized I could simply type two different articles, so you consider this part 1 of a two part series on what was easily one of the most interesting days in Jamaica for the year 2010. A day that will be remembered for many years as one which (or ... I hope it did) opened the eyes of most Jamaicans to the fact that Politicians are simply good at what they do... and that is politics, which is essentially doing all that is necessary to get elected and not being any sort of a serviceman to the public - or should I say this is what Jamaican politicians are about.

However I will get more on that in part 2, right now I am going to focus on Part one. Now over the past many months the regular readers will realize that this journal has had alot of posts which were directly related to extradition of a Jamaican gang  strongman. Now yesterday at about 2 pm my phone started blowing up, I was getting messages left right and center people were concerned and asking me where I am and if I was safe. Upon further investigation I found out that apparently what had happened is that a rumour had began spreading that the government had signed the extradtition request and were preparing to ship out that said gang strongman.

Businessman closes up early**Jamaica Gleaner

Jamaica literally went on lockdown because of it. Dont believe me? Check out this Gleaner Article about the events of yesterday. The first line literally says:

The busy commercial centre of downtown Kingston yesterday afternoon emptied faster than you could say 'Dudus', as word spread that the Government had signed the extradition request from the United States.

Just to give you an idea of how yesterday seemed.

Traffic downtown**Taken from jamaicagleaner

Most major stores downtown closed early and sent all their workers home. Parents went to schools to pickup their children, people rushed to get to the bus stations to go home early and there was general pandemonium on the streets... all because of a rumour.

You see a simple rumour about one man literally scared the pants off of basically every working Jamaican enough to close their businesses and run home. Reason being... we all expected a shootout to start at any second, no wait shootout isnt a strong enough word, we expected to hear an all out war begin almost instantaneously because if the police really wanted to get their hands on this man, its almost sure that it will be a long battle as he does have a really strong gang following.

And this is why I had to name this first part of the 2 part post, the power of one. Because it really shows just how much one person, and a threat to that same one person could literally lock down Jamaica - I say Jamaica because all over Jamaica people started to get nervous as well, Montego Bay, Kingston, Spanish Town all the major commercial areas basically. Because of one man... Scary isn't it.


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