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Police being illogical


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Police being illogical

When last have you been to a major sporting event at the national stadium. Say a football match or maybe champs, or any athletic event, well if you have been you will realize one thing... Traffic is horrible! The worst part about this immence traffic is not that it exists or that its annoying, but that it is completely and utterly unnecessary. Its unnecessary not because there is a parking problem or that there are too much cars or that there is some town planning issue that could easily be solved by the widening of the road, but it is unnecessary because the police wont do the simple act of changing traffic conditions on days when there will be events of this magnitude. That is all. Its a simple solution that I have seen used only once and with quite the dramatic effect.

Now of course a solution like this would be very easy to implement as there is literally a perfect circle of roads that surround the stadium that could easily be transformed into single directional traffic without disturbing much, this is doubled when one looks at the fact that its not as if we have major sporting events every week at the stadium so its only a minor change. However it would seem to me that the police try not to think of logical solutions to a problem, and instead focus solutions that must come from a 2 year old.

I have also seen policemen that believe that the only way to speak to people is with aggression and shouting, and then they wonder why so many people also show aggression towards them and are afraid to talk to them. It makes no sense really and truly, and is a simple showing of just how illogical the police are.

Another example is with the speed guns and giving out tickets, I have to ask myself sometimes if these policemen really do understand what they are doing, or if they were even trained or taught on how these things work. The first thing is that policemen only have a set number locations where they set their "speed traps", most regular drivers have a decent mental map as to where it is more likely that a policeman will be standing, and are correct 95% of the time, I know this because I have used this mental map myself on countless occasions, its one of those things that keep me from getting too many tickets. Wouldn't it be smarter to mix up where you put speed traps so that you capture more people? A policeman even went as far as to attempt to give me a ticket even though I was behind another car, stating that I because I was travelling behind him must have been going the same speed, this is clearly illogical especially when one looks at how these radar guns work.

The next situation is with random spot checks, they aren't so random because policemen only target cars that are either old, or taxi-men. I laugh at this because it seems to me that policemen believe that drug runners and gunmen, those same people who make millions of dollars daily, cant afford to buy themselves a good looking car. I wont even bother going into just how silly  a thought process is.

However the point of this post is not just to rant about how policement seem to try to out-dumb themselves on a daily basis, but is instead to ask this question... How can a policeman who can not work out a simple solution to a problem such as directing traffic, be given the task of fighting crime? That in itself is a really illogical situation to be in in the first place, but sadly it is the situation that we are currently in.

Dont believe me, go spend a day looking at the decisions of the average policeman/woman and tell me just how many of them inspired your confidence in the police.

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