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Good Times is when Yard Meet Farrin


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Good Times is when Yard Meet Farrin

Sweat soaked bodies emerged from the metal and glass doors still vibrating from the sound of the music. Exhausted patrons with broad smiles gravitated to the cool climate outside the once packed Mingles nightclub that hosted the first international edition of Good Times last Friday.

Local originators of the blockbuster Good Times party series, The Quorum and New York based promoters, Irie Jam Media, partnered to secure the necessary documents to export the brand to the USA.

"New York has a large Jamaican population, it was a natural choice for the first party overseas," explained The Quorum executive member, Jerome Hamilton. "We knew lots of people visit Jamaica for Good Times, it was time to take Good Times to them," he added.

And take Good Times they did. The Good Times signature feature - the best , most popular music from the 19somethings cunningly mixed with minimal talk - was ably delivered by FAME FM's DJ Kurt Riley. "The Party Animal" moved effortlessly between genres to the delight of West Indians in New York as evidenced by the gyrating and screaming of Good Times party lovers. Not to be outdone, Irie Jam Radio DJ's Dubmaster Chris and DJ Roy mixed it up for the crowd in total enjoyment of the Good Times concept.

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St.Peter waved sadly, and poof! Down the chute to the 'Other Place' they went. Then came the Methodist. "Sorry, can't let you in either," said Saint Peter "You abstained from liquor and dancing and cards, but you loved food too much.

You loved food so much, you even married a woman named Candy!" Sadly, St. Peter waved again, and whang! Down the chute went the Methodists.

The Southern Baptist turned to his wife and whispered nervously, "It ain't looking good, Fanny."


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