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Macka's book success takes her abroad


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Macka's book success takes her abroad

With the release of her sophomore novel in February; ‘The Real Gangster's Wife,' she has once again caused a few brows to rise, generating so much interest that its now time to take the show on the road.

"We are scheduled to be at the Broward College in Florida on June 5," states Leesah Larmond, Co-CEO of Pageturner Publishing House, publishers of the novel. "What is happening is that there were plans for a US launch of "The Real Gangster's wife", with presentations of the book to two libraries in the Caribbean Community, but after several correspondences with the Program Director of the South Regional Broward College Branch Library, Mrs. Nancy Ansley, and Branch Manager, Ms. Valerie Simpson, (who incidentally is Jamaican), it was eventually decided that a launch at the campus where the Caribbean population is vast, would be an excellent idea, and a great addition to the month long celebrations, marking Caribbean-American month in June.

So to make a long story short the South Regional Broward College Branch of the Broward County Library decided to sponsor the launch and host it in College auditorium, on Saturday, June 05." Mrs. Larmond went on to explain that in addition to the book launch/college visit, where there will be readings and dramatizations from renowned members of the Caribbean community in South Florida, the festivities will be topped off by an invitation only dinner party, scheduled for Snappers in Fort Lauderdale, later that afternoon.

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