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About the Gleaner publishing murder totals


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About the Gleaner publishing murder totals

Now I don't normally respond so publicly to what another person posts on this site. However I felt somewhat compelled to respond directly to Skillachi last post about the Gleaner publishing murder numbers on the front page. Make no mistake I am not blind to the epidemic of violent crime in this country unfortunately I do not believe that putting the numbers on the front pages serves any purpose at all. Fact is that murders happens across the globe and unfortunately in many countries or districts comparable to our population, murders are under reported or basically dismissed as a non issue. Some murders are filed in police reports as different crimes such as manslaughter and if a person's body happens to be missing well then they are officially a missing person. In reference to the Jamaica Gleaner, what is the ultimate goal? How does this help anything? Maybe if they published the numbers along with some ideas as to how to change this sad fact then it would be helpful. There is no movement to change anything about the situation asking the hard questions such as "How can we stop the flow of weaponry within our shores?", "Are the political parties each doing enough to protect those within the populace who don't carry a firearm?" In the end,I argee with Skillachi that what the Gleaner is doing is revolutionary and I wish more media outlets around took this stance and tell the complete truth about the ills in their society but my question to the Gleaner, Skillachi, the Jamaican public and even to myself, ultimately is "What now?"

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