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Caribbean Fashion Rocks NY


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Caribbean Fashion Rocks NY

Caribbean Fashion Rocks!, New York's signature runway for island designers and models, will be rocked this spring by three of the world's foremost Caribbean-born fashion models-Jaunel McKenzie, Carla Campbell, and Oraine Barrett. All hailing from the famed Pulse Model Agency in Jamaica, the super models, along with Pulse Chairman and CEO, fashion industry luminary Kingsley Cooper, will be guests of honor at Fashion Rocks' 3rd annual staging at LQ New York in New York City on Sunday, April 25th. Since its inception in 2007, Caribbean Fashion Rocks! has provided a unique platform for Caribbean designers and models to penetrate New York's renowned fashion industry. For the 2010 staging, Fashion Rocks will turn its focus to the region's burgeoning modeling industry, honoring Cooper for his pioneering role in developing an international modeling industry in the Caribbean, and producing the fashion industry's groundbreaking Caribbean supermodels. "When most people think of fashion capitals, they think Paris, Milan, or New York City - not the Caribbean," states Robert Clarke, CEO of Irie Jam Media Group, New York's leading outlet for everything Caribbean, producers of Caribbean Fashion Rocks! "The Caribbean region has produced some of the world's greatest supermodels - Jaunel, Carla, Oraine, Tyson-even Naomi Campbell has Caribbean roots. It is an honor to have Jaunel, Carla, and Oraine walk the Fashion Rocks runway. And an honor to recognize Kingsley Cooper and Pulse, they represent the best of the best in the Caribbean fashion industry, and demonstrate how influential our industry is globally." McKenzie, Campbell, and Barrett will be joining some of New York's prominent and upcoming models on the Caribbean Fashion Rocks! runway this April, wearing designs from local fashion lines including Michael Gillings, Jewel Shannon, Kay Dane, Rep JA, and Royal Rush, among others.

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