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Champs has begun (And a brief look at Wolmers)


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Champs has begun (And a brief look at Wolmers)

Melba has already done an epic write up on champs, but I cant let champs go on without me adding in my own two cents, after all I am a member of that group of people who are nothing less than fanatics of champs. Add to this the fact that I went to what is of course the noblest and most wonderful institution in the Western Hemisphere... Yes I was lucky enough to attend Wolmer's Boys High School. However back on the topic of champs, it is important to first note that champs is not just any sporting event, no nothing at all of that nature. Champ's is the largest yearly sporting event in Jamaica, nothing gainst the amount of praise, and coverage as 'champs', and its for good reason too as the majority of Jamaica's track stars begin their careers at the event.

Champs' popularity has in fact grown this year with the help of Jamaica's athletic stalwarts and we have in fact gotten even greater levels of international attention this year. So much so that it has been reported that hotels in the corporate area have gotten a huge boost from people wanting to see the spectacle. The reservations manager of the Hilton stated that:

We have always had great interest in Champs, but more so for this one, particularly in the area of confirmations. Normally, we would have people booking closer to the day, but we are seeing a different kind of interest, both from locals and overseas guests.

And the hotel four seasons has reported that they are also completely booked out as well. I can certainly see the need of course because of course everybody would really like to see the performance Wolmers... and the rest of the athletes will put on.

Tickets were also sold out as soon as they became available, I wouldn't even suggest we attempt to discuss the fact that saturday tickets are definitely out of the question. There has also been major groups coming from various parts of the world to view, the gleaner has caught snapshots of a group arriving from South Africa as well.

south african track athletes**From the Jamaica Gleaner

I can also say that I appreciate the recent move from the Government to start handing out scholarships to deserving athletes from both the boys and girls championships. As a matter of fact more than 50 Athletes (I will assume 25 boys and 25 girls) stand to gain from a piece of the $9 million dollars which have been put aside in scholarship funding. Alot of these scholarships will be to students wishing to attend the GC foster college so they will remain in sports.

Now I will be very frank, I have tried to be very objective so far in this article but I have to state that I have to be excited with regards to this year's Boys and Girls Championships because it is looking like this year might be the first year since 1956 that Wolmers may take the Champs title. As a matter of fact both major newspapers have been saying that Wolmers (both boys and girls schools) are either the Dark Horses, or are Looking Ominously for the title.

Dwayne Extol**From the Jamaica Gleaner

Yes as a matter of fact people have even been saying that seeing as Wolmers has almost complete control over classes 2 and 3, it is highly likely that we may gain a hold on the title. And we have been highly deserving of this title as we have over the years produced alot of Jamaica's top track athletes, most recent of this batch is Michael Frater. Being that this is the 100th staging of the championships it is would also be quite a treat if we could say that we are the team that won both the 1st and the 100th stagings.

All in all I can say I am quite excited at the prospects of this years champs and I hope that Wolmers will come out on top, and also that champs will continue with its history of being an entertaining competition.

Age Quod Agis!!!!

Wolmers winning at Penn relays

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