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Macka Diamond launches new book


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Macka Diamond launches new book

After the reasonable success of her first book 'BUN HIM!!!', Macka Diamond has just launched her second book with the hopes that it will replicate the impact which her inital offering had.

 ‘The Real Gangster’s Wife,’ released under the Pageturner Publising House imprint is scheduled to be released in book stores around the island. However, Sangster’s Book Stores, have stepped up and decided to facilitate the zeal of fans with the announcement of Macka Diamond’s in store appearances at several Sangster’s Book Stores, across the island starting this week.  

 Macka was quick to explain the purpose and reason behind the signings. “The interest and support from the fans have been crazy, and wi affi go out there and meet the readers, cause dem fans yah is not always di same one dem wha come a Stage Show or dance, so wi basically a mek di link,” states Macka, who went on to give the novel but yet comical experience she had recently. “A jus di addah night mi dey roun a Flexx dem ting, Happy Thursday, and a girl come to mi inna di dance a smile with har pen and book inna han, ready fi get it sign.”

 “It’s just another effort to make the Author/Artiste more accessible to her fans,” states Karl Larmond, Pageturner’s CEO. “Macka is an Artiste, and her fan base is vast, and with her venturing into the literary arena, that base has grown immensely, so this is merely an opportunity for her fans to do a little meet and greet with her, get their books autographed, and even take a picture for the memory.”


The signings will begin at Sangster’s Book Store in Montego Bay on Saturday, March 13th. The Spanish Town and Portmore branches will be next on Friday the 26th, and on Saturday the 27th it will be King Street and then off to the Springs Plaza.



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