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From Skiing to Cricket


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From Skiing to Cricket

With complete honesty I can say that Jamaicans really dont care about the Winter Olympics. We dont. Sorry. It's not that the events are necessarily boring, I believe  instead that it's just that Jamaicans cannot associate themselves with the particular sports. I would make a guess (which would probably be correct) that the total population of Jamaicans that have actually seen snow in real life is less than 10% and of that 10% the total amount that can do any snow related activities (ice skate, bobsleigh, ski, snowboard etc) is probably less than 2%, we just dont do snow. This is completely understandable based on the fact that we dont have snow, we have had hail sure but snow is a definite nono. However seeing Errol Kerr competing in the winter olympics made one thing happen, and that was that for those 2 or so hours when people eagerly anticipated seeing Kerr's name appear on the TV, Jamaicans were eagerly watching the Winter Olympics.

errol kerr

While Kerr didn't bring home the medal we had all hoped for, he really performed to the standards I think every Jamaica would be happy for. When he placed 1st in his 2nd heat, I instantly saw people's facebook profiles update with "Goo Errol", "Kerr is the man", "who knew a Jamaican can ski so good?" and I actually found myself giggling at all the excitement that went on in our house. I would speak on all the various badwords that started to shoot off after he placed 3rd in his quarter final but I prefer to try to keep my writings pg so i'll just go pass that. However congratulations are in order to Mr. Kerr, you represented us well and we hope you will continue to represent us until you get that elusive medal. I also hope that the recent complaint you made wasn't just sour grapes and you tryign to redeem for your loss and is instead a general concern... Because if it is, expect an instant fall in ratings from Jamaicans

However in other news as far as cricket goes, the West Indies seemed to have forgot how to win... or how to play cricket for that matter, after having their rear ends handed to them in a manner similar to how a bunch of 12 year olds would compete against the Brazilian national football team. While it can be argued that the sound beating was due to the lack of prime players such as Chanderpaul, Sarwan, Taylor, Edwards, and Bravo... There is still an important issue of just how they lost. They had not won a single game, nor had they even challenged the Austrailians at all really. Yes there were a few streaks of brilliance from people like Nikita Miller (who needs to start getting first string selection now), but really and truly it was a poor overall performance.

poor west indian catch

They even lost in the 2 twenty/20 games the game that is supposed to be W.I.'s surefire victory seeing as they have been so solid in the quick version of the sport. I dont know personally I would be ashamed to be associated with W.I. cricket at the moment as the only words used to describe their performance have been Wretched, embarassing, miserable, haphazard and beleaguered. I really do hope that they find someway to recover and I also really do hope that the only reason for this defeat is really the lack of the key players because otherwise... West Indies cricket is over.

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