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Jamaica vs Argentina


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Jamaica vs Argentina

I will not lie to you... I found it hard to find something to write about, like this week has been a relatively boring week in Jamaica. The most that has happened so far has been the Jamaica vs Argentina Match and I thought well news of Jamaica's triumph should be enough to get people excited. Well sadly there was no triumph... But there nearly was though, as a matter of fact there was a collective groan across Jamaica towards the end of the game when our fates changed.

Ok I might've just confused a few readers with what I've stated so I'll have to set this straight. Well of course I'm talking about football first of all and Jamaica, ranked 78th in the world football rankings had a friendly match against Argentina ranked roughly 8th in the world rankings. This is like David vs Goliath of epic proportions, if you check i'm pretty sure that at at least 3 or 4 members of the Jamaica squad would say that Argentina is their favourite football team. Also the number of members of the squad who look up to players like Lionel Messi or Juan Riquelme and probably think they're the greatest thing ever to touch a football probably doubles the Argentina fans... and theres also the whole 2 time world cup champions(Argentina) vs barely won a game in the world cup(Jamaica). Thats the gap between Jamaica and Argentina.

Lionel Messi

We have played Argentina before in the 1998 World Cup of football, and everybody who saw that match will agree that it was the perfect example of Goliath simply stepping on David before nonchalantly wiping the remnants off his foot on to the nearest grass patch he could find. Jamaica was held to an embarrassing 5-0 Defeat where goals were only scored by only 2 members of the squad in Gabriel Batistuta scoring a hat trick (3 goals) and Ariel Ortega scoring the other 2. Yes Jamaica were forced to leave with their tails between their legs as they simply bowed to the kings that are Argentina.

However yet again we decided to test our mettle against a second string but quite possibly superior Argentine team, we fared bettter than our previous attempt as for the majority of the game Jamaica had led 1-0 after a goal from Ryan Johnson. It seemed like we were almost about to win the match when just 7 minutes before the final whistle Argentina equalized, and 1 minute from the whistle Argentina then scored again leaving Jamaica in shambles.

falling reggae boyz

However while the expected result did happen, there was a glimmer of hope for Jamaica, the mere fact that we almost beat them gives us a bit of cockiness, adding to that the fact that Argentina had to dig deep to defeat us kind of makes us feel similar to the time when we qualified for the world cup. A few more top level matches like this and we are sure to learn a number of things which could help Jamaica to qualify for the 2014 World Cup.

Congratulations to Argentina but I say good game Boyz, just keep on the same path and we will stamp our class as the best Caribbean team!

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