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Spruce Up Countdown


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Spruce Up Countdown

Journeying Out Of  Town


“Oh boy!” sure was a hectic week gone by, as school “rap up” for the Christmas holidays you become so “drained out” you can actually feel your eyes popping out of your head, especially if your child (ren) is involved in the schools’ Christmas concert. I had to waiting on my daughter each day ( Yu bruk yu neck in the traffic thinking you’re late) only to hear “Mommy, I need 15 mins more to finish up this rehersal, please, please Mommy. Well, the performances were breathe taking and parents can now focus on their Christmas home chores.


For a little relaxation, I journeyed to Clarendon,(this parish is noted for the production of sugar-cane and now I get to understand sorrel all year round) to visit my parents, if I didn’t know the journey (by art) familiar, I would think I was lost, almost all the houses that were painted white are now “nicely coloured” (the new in thing for homes, colours), trees, lawns and hedges nicely manicured, if I may say so. My parents have also started doing their spruce up in their own “senior” way.

Of course, my Dad made sure to remind me to get some poinsettas for him so he can place them all over the house (part of his décor).


Us Jamaicans just love “spruce up” and we love to wait for the last minute, because we “don’t’ want the setting to get stale) the closer the days to Christmas we “bleach “ the whole night getting things done. Usually, in all of the excitement “something go get lef”, now that might be my kitchen. Got the paint recently, and every week-end my husband is going to paint, and of course I have moved out some of the things, but guess what, 9 more days left for Christmas. (there’s hope).


Walk good, and I’ll keep you posted with the “spruce up” excitement.


One Love, Sweets

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