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Christmas Clean Up


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Christmas Clean Up

Christmas  Spruce Up



Since the month of December started Christmas is fast approaching believe, ready or not,  “Chrismus a cum”. I  had to journey into Kingston to pick- up my daughter from school and as usual I, always trying to be ahead of the traffic because if you  “ linger around” in the city and peak hours, catch you, “ dog nyam yu supa”.


On my way home I made a stop at Berger Paints – Spanish Town Road,  the parking lot full to capacity, I started to wonder what’s going on- SALE SALE , free paint or what.

Guess what, 16 days left for Christmas, and you know we Jamaican love to paint and “ fix-up” for the season, who can’t afford paint use “white wash”, remember it, use to paint around tree trunks, stones and fencing.


I myself got in the painting mood, I decided to change the colour of my kitchen, these days we’re moving from the traditional colours ( whites, creams and so on), so the colour I decided on, had to specially mixed. Recession or no recession we Jamdowners love to spruce up, just spend within your budget and purchase less, for example if you usually purchase a 20lb ham this year you go for a 10lb, and make it “stretch”, cut the slices a little thinner and smaller, because there’s no Christmas without ham for all “trenton/pork eaters”.


This week, all the stuff should be out of the closet washed and getting ironed, clean out the cupboard, windows and so on one big cleanup. Yes! starting to feel a rush of excitement.


Walk good, catch up later.



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