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Cash Pot Golden Days


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Cash Pot Golden Days

Well, Supreme Ventures Limited is at it again. Now they are sweetening the pot a like more by increasing the odds on selected days. With Christmas fast approaching every one is looking for some extra cash. So they are enticing us to spend more in an effort to gain more. The thing is, who really gains, us or them? But that’s another story. So again today is a Golden Day.

How does it work, you ask? Normally the odds of winning are 26 to 1. Players win $260.00 for every $10.00 wager made, or 26 times the amount wagered. Example, if a player selected a number for a Cash Pot draw and wagered $200.00, if the number was selected as the winning number for that draw, the player wins $5,200.00 because: Amount wagered x 26 = $200 x 26 = $5,200.00. Minimum wager is $10.00 . On a Golden Day, any of the days draw, and there are 3 per day, could be a golden draw where the odds become 30 to 1. So for every $10 bet, you can win $300 if your number is selected.

The numbers to choose from are 1 through to 36, which makes the probability of winning 36 to 1. All things considered that’s not bad odds at all. To day is a Friday and as one Cash Pot enthusiast had told me, ‘Di man love play big number pon a Friday’, so a get it, so a give it to you. Anyway, I’m going for gold so my number for today will be 32. Good Luck.

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