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The Gay Bashing of local artists


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The Gay Bashing of local artists

I'm gonna be a little controversial here but I just have to get something out. Its been happening frequently yet again and it has grown to the point of annoyance on my part. This is quite simply the gay movements fighting against our local artists and causing the shows put on by promoters and artists to be postponed or cancelled. Now the arguments are going to come out that "These artists promote anti-gay behaviour", "their lyrics incite violence against homosexuals" and quite frankly these are all silly accusations.

Yes once upon a time these artists did chant anti-gay lyrics almost as fluidly as a Jamaican speaks patois to his compatriot. But the key here is... one upon a time. When last have you heard Buju Banton sing a song that is anti gay... Dont worry i'll give you some time to think about it... still no answer? ... ok check his past albums, check 'til shiloh', 'rasta got soul', 'too bad', 'unchained spirit', or 'voice of Jamaica'. Still cant spot anything can you, that's because he doesn't do it anymore, he just doesn't full stop. I've seen Buju Banton live on numerous occasions and I cant even remember hearing him utter the word 'battyboy'.

So why the continued fight against a musical genius who has turned over a new leaf from his days as a young rebel. All because of a song he did over 20 years ago named "boom bye bye". This song is the most blatant hit out against gays ever written, full stop. However he released the song in 1992... he was 19 years old! Ever heard about being young and foolish? I'm sure you have all used that excuse for something or the other already. The song is probably older than a few people who have checked this journal. But yet people say he should be banned for it. Come on stop being stupid, its getting old now.

The next and most recent action is the one brought against Beenie Man in New Zealand. Basically what happened was that Beenie Man was pulled from being the sole reggae artist in a show in NZ called "Big Day Out". This was an opportunity for reggae to make headways in another faraway country and yet again gain in its popularity. But this was prevented, because Beenie Man sang a song years ago against gays... It is reported in the observer article that he actually sang a song quite recently which is the cause of the ban... But I've never heard it and my ears are really close to the dancehall scene. How exactly is it that somebody in New Zealand heard a song that beenie man released before me? I have even driven past this man on the road and yet somebody thousands of miles away has heard something I havent... I find this uber strange. I'm not saying he didn't record the song, I'm just saying I think they were just nitpicking for a reason and to me this failed.

Now the real reason I wrote this article was to get this point across. This same group of people who are saying that we are intolerant with them, are actually more intolerant to us than we are of them. Don't understand what I'm saying? Look at it this way, these people still have a vendetta out against people who quite frankly no longer outwardly say anything about them. Also the intolerance from these people only came in the form of song. These gay groups are actually fighting against a man's livelihood, the thing he uses to put food on his table and feed his family. They are doing everything they possibly can to put him in the poor house, even demanding that one artist donate all money made from one of his songs into the local gay movement - I'm really glad Buju told them to swivel with that offer. However this is reason enough for a huge what the F$%^& in my book ... but I'll just leave it at that.

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