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The ward theatre restoration


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The ward theatre restoration

For all the older folks (sorry didnt mean to call you out like that) out there. You will remember the once jewel of downtown Kingston that is the ward theatre. Yes this majestic blue and white structure was once the place to go in Kingston. All of the major plays and pantomimes that were produced would play at the Ward theatre and you can be guarantee that the houses would be packed. You could even ask all the theatre greats about their memories of the Ward theatre and they would all have some, quite frankly if they dont have any memories of there, they probably are really young or weren't really theatre greats at all.

ward theatre

However as the popularity of plays and pantomimes fell somewhat so did the luster of the Ward theatre. As a matter of fact, the entire downtown area really lost its luster, and became a drab, crime-ridden area. The theatre became derelict, rundown and quite frankly not fit for public visits. But recently the government has decided that it would like to see a return of the glory days of downtown Kingston, they have been asking companies to join the beautification process of downtown and establish offices there.

I guess they have been having some level of success as Digicel announced that they were moving downtown and with them there have also been unverified reports that about 4 other companies are also planning to establish offices in downtown Kingston.

To assist in the beautification process the government has also recently announced that they plan to effect a restoration the Ward theatre. This 3 year plan will include a series of fundraising events all aimed at raising the estimated us$20 million required to restore the Ward to its glory days. The grand re-opening is planned for the theatre's 2012 centennial anniversary celebrations, and its one which I must say should be quite interesting. I have been to the ward theatre before... years ago when I was much younger and I must say I think its a brilliant idea.

Its a part of our rich theatre heritage and our nation's history on a whole and as such I completely support this movement.

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