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Renato Adams Running for commissioner


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Renato Adams Running for commissioner

We are currently sans commissioner and of course people have begun sending the government their resume's to see if they can gain the post of Jamaica's top cop. Of all the people currently trying for the post the one which is causing the most national excitement is of course Renato Adams. For all those who dont know Renato Adams is a currently retired policeman who was most well known for his involvement in a number of controversial police operations which lead to the deaths of many people. Though he has been found innocent on all the charges there are many who still believe that he was in fact the cause of the killings... Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Renato Adams in a recent interview has laid down the gauntlet and stated that he in fact wants the job and has stated that he would be the best choice for leader due to the fact that most of the previous leaders have been desk commissioners and that he would lead from the front and not be just a mere figurehead. In this way he would inspire the force from the front and help the fight against crime.

All around Jamaica people are saying a resounding 'YES' to Renato Adams for commissioner of police, due to his strict, no nonsense attitude to criminals and crime fighting and they see this attitude as necessary to stem the current crime spree that is torturing Jamaica daily.

However the issue arises as to whether or not his presence will be the single cause for a lessening of crime. In essence, I can see where this makes sense, the crime problem seems to be a problem of indiscipline, with people seemingly showing no care when they commit any such crimes. Some crimes are done in broad daylight in the middle of highly public places such as Half Way Tree square and some are done with such blatant disregard that it seems that really and truly we need this type of police to stem crime.

Of course the issue could be raised that maybe the crime problem has spiralled so far out of control that maybe Mr. Adams isnt enough, maybe all a man like Mr. Adams will do is just to frustrate the criminals and make them double their efforts...

My opinion: We have tried everything else, and none of these things seem to work... Maybe its time we try something/someone else?

Something to think about...

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