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Informer – Good or Bad


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Informer – Good or Bad

On the topic of informers, I would guest that if someone saw a rather large man beating a woman at a bus-stop out of the three options put forward a) Ignore it and act as if nothing happened b) call the relevant authorities to the situation, trying to get as much evidence (photos etc) of the crime or c) try to stop the act, c, tying to stop the act may be the option against the law.
I must say I fully agree that an informer is certainly not a bad thing; however the reality is that people are afraid. The phrase ‘informer fi ded’ is not one to be taken lightly. Too often we have heard and seen where persons are killed because they are willing to talk. There are also no guaranties of protection from the law.
So, would I act, the truth is until you are faced with the situation you really don’t know. I remember being held up at gun point. When the gun man tried to grab me, I took off like Bolt, jumped over a six foot fence and got away. Normally, there is no way I could jump a six foot fence.
As a nation we definitely are in a dilemma. ‘Dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.’ I really do hope however that we can all find the will to do the correct thing before it’s too late.

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