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Gambling in Jamaica


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Gambling in Jamaica

I remember when my grandfather used to hide and buy Dropan and Pickapow. The ‘sellers’ used to have to hide and sell, and the ‘buyers’ used to have to hide and buy from the law. Mark you, my grandfather used to have to also hide from my grandmother, but that’s another story. Now a day’s one can buy Cashpot, (different name, same game) not one, not two but three times a day, Monday to Saturday. And you don’t have to hide. In fact the draw is on national television for all to see.
Then there is also Pick Three, three times a day, Lucky Five and Dollars, daily except on Sundays. Lotto and Super Lotto are drawn twice a week. I’m not yet finished, live racing is at Caymanas Park twice a week with approval recently given for a third day, Sunday to commence sometime in November 2009. You can also bet on races overseas on the other days of the week including Sundays. Still not satisfied, got more money to loose, around every other corner we now have a Gaming Lounge, slot machines galore.
So the question is, is gambling in Jamaica, legal or illegal? If it’s illegal why is all of this ‘open’ gambling being allowed? If legal why are we not making some serious foreign exchange from it?
Bauxite, Sugar and Banana died or have been killed. Even our little piece of the sky’s, Air Jamaica, is on the chopping blocks. Tourism is the only thing we have left on the books to earn a dollar. We already have the sun, sea, sand, music, great food and fabulous, intriguing people. All we need now is some serious money to go with that.
So, does anyone know for sure? I would love to know the answer along with your views.

Nuff love

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