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National Heroes Day


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National Heroes Day

Each year the third Monday in October is a very special day to all Jamaicans. It is the day when we celebrate our National Heroes. Paul Bogle, Sir Alexander Bustamante, Marcus Garvey, George William Gordon, Norman Manley, Nanny of the Maroons and Samuel Sharpe have all been given the highest of the five Jamaican Orders of the Societies of Honour, the Order of National Hero. This honour is given only to Jamaican citizens for "services of the most distinguished nature" to the nation.
All our seven heroes fought for freedom, justice and equality for all Jamaican, some paying the ultimate price. They made it possible for us to vote, for us own land, for us to get an education, for us to have a say in the running of our government and much more.
Today we take these gifts for granted and look forward to the third Monday in October only because it means a public holiday, a day off work. As to our freedom, most of us are now more afraid than ever because of the ever present element of crime. Ask our nurses, teachers, police or any public sector worker today about justice and equality. Does it truly still exist in Jamaica? Did our heroes labour in vain?
Over and over again Jamaicans have proven that we are a great people. Our sports men and women, musicians, professionals, scholars all excel in whatever they do any where they go. Luckily for us now the way was paved before by our National heroes.
Monday October 19, Heroes Day is fast approaching. There are ‘nuff, nuff’ activities organized for the weekend. Let’s celebrate and enjoy but let’s also remember what the day really signifies. There is still ‘nuff, nuff’ things needing to be put right in this our great little nation. Our seven National Heroes showed us what hard work, dedication and love can achieve. Let us work together to made Jamaica and life for all Jamaicans to come even better.
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