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Changing the view on education


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Changing the view on education

Changing the view on education

Apart from food, shelter and clothing, education can be considered to be of utmost importance for each and every one in today’s society. So often have persons been emphasing the importance of earning for themselves a “good education” and the benefits that follow. The question that needs to be asked however is to what extent do Jamaicans prioritize when the issue of education arises?

Education to the average Jamaican seems to be quite an important concern in the earlier years of a child’s life. In my perspective, many parents put out all the effort they can in ensuring that the start of the school year finds their children in kindergarten school. It may be, as some parents may say, preparations for children at this level are not as hectic as when they are older. On most occasions, it is ensured that books, bags and the other school materials are bought as well as newly made uniforms well ironed, sharp as razors and clean as whistle.

The matter really boils down to getting and education at the tertiary level. Speaking from experience, I have seen whereby many children upon leaving their secondary institutions are forced by parents to “go fine wuk”. This has happened quite so often that it has become the norm in today’s Jamaican society. Children, after receiving a secondary education and has earned themselves CXC subjects, are pressured by parents to join the world of work. Their choices of achieving their dreams and goals once aspired during their earlier childhood days, crushed by domination and pressure. It must be reminded by parents however, that high school is not the end of an education. A high school diploma takes you nowhere in Jamaica. CXC subjects only allow you to get menial jobs in this our lovely country holding job positions wish get lower and lower in level by the second. The evidence of my point is clearly illustrated in supermarkets where some owners are asking for CXC subjects to ‘pack’ customers bags’. How more diminishing can this country get!

Parents and the Government body, I think it is time for a wakeup call. I therefore urge you to be the driving forces behind your children having a good tertiary level education, achieve the goal he/she has been longing to achieve and never stop climbing the ladder of success. I know that not all children can be Lawyers or Doctors but parents, a tertiary education does not only lead people in such positions. The doors have been swung wide open and the choices are unlimited. Erase from their minds that this level of education is only accessible by the upper class. Do not let children settle for mediocrity! Help them win for themselves scholarships to study in whatever fields they choose and do not keep them stagnant. Make use of available loans! Keep pushing, keep hoping for the best and their lights of success will shine upon you and make you proud.

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