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Education Should Be Free


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Education Should Be Free

My name is Carlis Rowe born in Jamaica June 29, 1985.

Our country right now is going through hard times. Crime is high and the people are jobless. I believe in free education, because education is the key to success. With education being free I know that we will have more educated people to lead the country to a brighter tomorrow. Jamaica did not wake up one morning with a high rate of crime. Crime is something that grew. We should ask our selves why a man would decide to kill another man. It could be because of anger, jealousy, poverty and we can go on and on.

What I am trying to show you is that a country with free education is a country that has a majority of educated people, people with good jobs and people that can afford the daily expenses. People that can afford daily expenses wake up in the morning with less to worry about. A person that has less to worry about starts a morning that has 80% possibility to finish the day with a smile.

I believe that with educated youths of tomorrow the country will change completely. That is why the only hope that Jamaica has right now is the future, and the future is the Youths. My personal opinion towards the politicians is that I think that they took money from the pot to benefit them selves and not the country. Jamaica has what it takes to be successful and to shine this is why year 2015 I Carlis Rowe will start my own party to run the beautiful country of Jamaica. And the first thing on my list is making education free 2nd clean up the ghettos and the streets and a lot more ideas that can bring our country back on it’s feet and get reed of all debts.


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After reviewing and checking the ticket with his manager, the clerk returned and requested on how he would like his payments. The Jamaican replied "Mi wan all a de moni now". "Unfortunately, Sir" the nervous clerk responded, "The procedures are that we can only give you one million now and the balance equally over the next 20 years".

Furious and agitated, the Jamaican asked for the manager, who re-iterated "Sir, my assistant is correct, it is the regulation of the corporation that we initially pay you one million dollars now with the balance paid to you equally over the next 20 years".

Outraged, the Jamaican slammed his hand on the desk and shouted in anger, "Oonu tek me fi idiat, me wan all a de moni now or oonu gi me bak me rass dallar!!"


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