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The Christmas Barrel


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The Christmas Barrel

Many Jamaican Children have close family members example mothers and fathers living overseas. One of the highlights of the Christmas holidays for most of these children is the goodies that come for them, usually by barrels. During the year money is sent to the mothers, grandmothers or caregiver for their everyday needs.
Christmas however is when they expect all the things they have been dreaming of all year long. These usually include name brand clothes and shoes, the latest toys or gadgets being advertised on cable television.

Follow up:

There was a time when transportation was simple. Unfortunately things and times have changed. Especially since 9:11. Shipping has also suffered immensely. First time you could pack your barrel at one end, take it to the shippers and many times it was not opened again until the recipient got it. Not so anymore. Now a days from the time it’s packed to the time it’s delivered it would have been searched several times. So you have nothing to hind, search away. But wait now a days every other thing is banded. From the basic food stuff to some of the toys.
Another problem with the Christmas Barrel is the time factor from one place to the other. Unfortunately many Jamaicans are very laid back with a soon come attitude which they take with them where ever they go. Most things are done ‘last minute‘. With the volume of shipments being done at this time of the year and the now lengthy shipping process it’s important that these barrels are sent early if they are to make it in time for Christmas.
It’s very sad the way the world is turning. Everyday more and more guns, ammunitions, drugs and other illegal cargo are being found coming into our island. Because of a few bad apples everyone must now face the consequences. Searches are more intense at the ports and duties are much heavier.
The children are still looking forward to the Christmas barrels and why not, after all it is Christmas. If you haven’t sent yours as yet you might have to airfreight at this time. Not that the process is much different but the transportation time might be less.
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