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Where is the Discipline in our Schools?


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Where is the Discipline in our Schools?

On Monday, September 19, 2005, a female grade 10 student at the Ochi Rios High School in Ochi Rios St. Ann got into an altercation with the principal, Monica McIntyre. Reports are that the principal attempted to pull out the hem of the student’s uniform which was shorter than the stipulated length of two inches below the knee. The student resisted and blows were exchanged.

Follow up:

Most schools have a code of dress and conduct. Some schools have parents and students sign a document agreeing to these regulations before the start of each school year. The student at Ochi Rios High was immediately suspended for 10 days while she awaits her faith which is to be decided by the school board.
This is one incident, however the breakdown of discipline in our schools is alarming. Where is the respect due to our teachers let alone the principal? If students cannot be corrected by those in charge how are they going to relate to each other?
There are many factors which contribute to the deterioration of our children’s behavior. There may be social, financial, metal and even physical. Peer pressure is also a major contributing factor. Whatever the reasons are, parents must take responsibility.
One thing for sure is that parents need to take back control of their children. They are so caught up in providing for the family that they forget to discipline the children. There are more and more single parents today struggling to cope but sometimes fall along the wayside. Some parents want so much to give their children what they never had that they forget to give them what they did have, discipline.
That is not to say that there are not many well adjusted, well mannered and bright children out there. However the of lack of discipline in our children is escalating. Parents need to step up ‘the parent role’. Children live what they learn. However they are allowed to ‘carry on’ at home they will do the same at school or wherever they go.
It used to be that raising children in Jamaica was a community effort. Unfortunately we have lost that. It’s time we joined hands and heart in the fight to raise our children.
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