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Independence Weekend


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Independence Weekend

Its Independence time again in Jamaica and this weekend promises to be quite exciting. Here is an opportunity for all Jamaicans to share with their children a bit of our culture at its best.
The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) presents, ‘The Best of Festival Concert Series’. There will be displays at the highest level in music, drama, speech, and dance.
The Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) will also be staging the annual Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show.
Last year 2004, I attended Denbigh for the first time as an adult. I had a ball. My husband is always teasing me about being born under the clock in Kingston and as a result I’m not very knowledgeable about country life. Well now I believe him. I learnt so much at Denbigh.
I had the opportunity to sample all kinds of fruits and food that I’d only heard of before. Jamaican treats such as ‘blue drawers’ and ‘dukunu’ to name a few. I learnt the good of certain herbs and roots, chaney roots, and red water grass, etc. Then were cows and pigs there as big as a house. (So I exaggerate a little). I witnessed vegetables being grown without soil. (That was truly interesting).
All in all the day was full of music, laughter and education, a must for everyone.
We don’t have this level of cultural display as often as we should. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity, and be sure to take the children.
Nuff love.

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