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Category: Business

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Categories: Business

The Evolution of Dancehall Music part 3

Daggering **Warning, pictures posted may not be appropriate for children** So I thought I was actually finished with this topic until I realized I hadn't as yet covered the latter part of the noughties. I had already covered the Dancing era (probably… more »


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Categories: Business

The Strength of the Jamaican Diaspora

Whenever I travel I normally stay with friends or family, next to the obvious cost benefits it is always more comforting to stay with somebody who you can relate to about being back home and what life is like nowadays and why we are all planning to revol… more »


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Categories: Business

Earthquake in Haiti

Yesterday around 5 pm I started to get calls from many people asking if I felt the earthquake and I didnt (fortunately or unfortunately). However there was a buzz of excitement all around Kingston and alot of Jamaica about the excitement brought on by th… more »


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Categories: Politics, Business, Commentary

More Silly decisions by the Govt

Ok so in another round of "wise" decisions by our leaders, the government has told the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) that it needs to start printing more money... Just to clarify essentially what the government has been doing is telling the BOJ to loan them (gov… more »


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Categories: Politics, Business

New Year... what does it bring

Finally the christmas season is over, this means I can return to writing about bad news again (I tried to limit myself in the christmas time, it seemed to work), and wow was there alot of bad news, I dont even know where to start really, but I'll just do… more »


Permalink 07:29:41 pm, by Melba
Categories: Business, Commentary

Jamaica's 2009 Inflation

Financially, this year 2009 has been a very challenging year. We all had to learn to ‘tighten we belts’, ‘Stretch what ever we had’ and sometimes ‘tun we han mek fashin’. A lot of people lost their jobs. Those that kept theirs dared not ask for pay incre… more »


Permalink 12:30:10 pm, by Skillachi
Categories: Entertainment, Culture, Business

Has christmas lost its true meaning in Jamaica?

First of all a Merry Christmas to all, I hope you get wonderful presents and your family will enjoy this lovely day of fun, festivities and food! Now really I am the kind of person who sits and thinks about things quite deeply, too deeply as a matter o… more »


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Categories: Business

American Airlines crashes in Jamaica

American Airlines flight AA331 from Miami crash landed at Norman Manley Intl Airport in Kingston on Tuesday night at 10:25pm December 22, 2009. Praise the Lord, there were no fatalities. According to initial reports the Boeing 738 aircraft carrying 145 p… more »


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Categories: Entertainment, Culture, Business

Clash Prospects for Sting 2009

In Jamaica the christmas season means more than just santa claus, food, christmas trees, christmas lights (Or pepper lights as they are more popularly known), shopping till you're broke, and snow... well definitely not snow because of the whole... tropic… more »


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Categories: Entertainment, Business

Jazz Festival 2010 looks exciting!

I'm not gonna focus on the govt taxes or the IMFI'm not gonna focus on the govt taxes or the IMFI'm not gonna focus on the govt taxes or the IMFI'm not gonna focus on the govt taxes or the IMF ... Ok I had to give myself lines a while ago to prevent… more »

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You loved food so much, you even married a woman named Candy!" Sadly, St. Peter waved again, and whang! Down the chute went the Methodists.

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