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Magnificent Chess Summer Camp To Build Jamaica One Mind At a Time


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Magnificent Chess Summer Camp To Build Jamaica One Mind At a Time

The Magnificent Chess Club's mandate is to steadily build the future of Jamaica one mind at a time. This through a variety of chess programmes established within various schools and communities islandwide, and now through a physical space dedicated to the exclusive pursuit of all chess related matters.

The club is actively engaged in developing a range of initiatives designed to help children and adults become more focused and be able to concentrate more intensely through the tactical, analytical, disciplined, and focused mental approach required in the teaching and playing of chess. The club will be hosting the Magnificent Chess Summer Camp which runs from July 5 to August 20, at its headquarters located at 10 Swallowfield Road in Kingston. The aim of this camp will be to sharpen the minds and attitudes of the participants .

"We want people to come, learn the game, improve on their skills, and play others here," explains Sash-Nicole Noble, General Manager of the Magnificent Chess Foundation. She adds that in addition to chess, there will be other activities that help to build character and sharpen intellect such as Tae-Kwon-Do, art, drama among other things. Though the camp is to sharpen the mind through chess primarily, there will be other activities that make the participants more rounded when they finish."

In addition to those benefits, early bird registrants who complete registration before June 30 will benefit from the club's discounted packages. The camp will take place at the Club's official building, which is to be formally opened on June 29, 2010. This physical space will also be an area where regular chess enthusiasts, chess lovers and those curious about chess may go to have questions addressed, research chess material, or simply to sharpen their skills.

"People have been asking where they can go and learn to play the game, some have felt left out, and as if they needed a physical space to come to for all chess matters," explains Sash-Nicole.

"So at this space people may simply come here, they may use the library, the media room, or do online gaming, or simply hang out with other enthusiasts."

There are immediate benefits to joining the Magnificent Chess Club including learning the game, academic performance is improved, members become a part of the region's most exciting chess community, and also get access to other non chess activities.

The game of chess relies on memory along with analytic and strategic thinking, so the benefits to a developing mind are significant. The Magnificent Chess Club has been using these positives as the springboard to getting more Jamaicans into the habit of thinking in a similar manner. The inevitable result is a significant improvement in academic grades and professional performance. The team is comprised of Mr. Ian Wilkinson, Ms. Sash-Nicole Noble, Mrs. Loraine Amitirigala, and Dr. Seymour Douglas.

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