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Magnum Launches Its "Under The Cap Promotion"


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Magnum Launches Its "Under The Cap Promotion"

Coming hot on the heels of their exciting Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall Competition, Magnum Tonic Wine will be launching yet another phenomenal promotion, which no doubt will have their loyal consumers asking for more.

The brand, which has been associated with undiluted energy throughout the years, has also become a staple among their consumers because of its ingenuity to seamlessly fuse charity with entertainment and this "Under The Cap", (UTC), promotion is yet another example of how the brand supports its consumers.

For the UTC Promotion, consumers will certainly be able to win in a big way, because they will be able to win free Magnum after obtaining specially-marked 10th Anniversary caps, as well as two daily cash prizes of $10, 000. It doesn't get any better than that.

According to Kaysia Johnson, category manager at Lascelles Wines and Spirits, distributors of Magnum Tonic Wine, "Magnum's aim over the years has always been consistent with the needs of our consumers. When they need entertainment, we always identify ways in which we can provide great entertainment that they will never forget. In addition, consumers are people and people have needs and one universal need will always be money. So many would have noticed that since we embarked on our 10th anniversary celebrations last year, we have been habitually providing ways in which we can give back to our consumers, and Magnum "Under The Cap" is a fine example of that: it's both entertaining to them but they also stand to gain a tremendous amount of cash if they win."

The promotion which has been entitled "Money Long and Magnum Strong" will last from June 14 - August 14 and in order to win, all persons will have to do, is collect three (3) of the specially marked caps and place them in an envelope marked with their name, address and telephone number. They will then drop it off at Irie FM, 1B Derrymore Road. If they have been selected, someone from Irie FM will call at 1:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday for the chance to win the $10, 000. If the call goes unanswered, the envelope is discarded and another winner will be chosen. Once the call is answered, the winner must state the Magnum Tonic Wine tagline, "Energy When You Need It" in order to collect the prize money. Additionally, winners can contact Whistling Frog in order to collect the cash prize.

Not to be left out, the winners of the Magnum Kings and Queens competition who won by landslide votes, Bumpa and Press Fyah, will be the faces of this year's Magnum Under the Cap "Money Long and Magnum Strong" promotion. Still, that's not all - patrons will be able to re-live the memories and see some of their favourite contestants perform live as the promotion progresses.

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