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Romain Virgo to debut self titled album


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Romain Virgo to debut self titled album

Romain Virgo’s debut album, an embodiment of his skillful vocals, social awareness and boyish is available today (June 08) in stores and online. The 15 track project has been hailed by industry insiders as the most anticipated Reggae album for 2010.

The album is aptly named Romain Virgo, as it uncovers and demonstrates the depth of Romain’s talent. The project was released by VP Records in both digital download and cd copy format. Digital download fans may order their copies through,, or, which also facilitates ordering of the physical copies of the album. The CD will immediately be available at the JNR and FYE stores in New York, and at Newberry Comics in Boston, before they become distributed through more outlets later.

“I am really excited about it,” notes Romain about the album’s release. He declares that there is a unique blend of messages to which his fans can all relate. “I hope it’s an album that will live long, because of the type of music and the messages that are in most of the songs. I write things that people experience every day, so even those after me will relate to it.” Romain Virgo boasts 15 tracks, with collaborations from Etana and Cameal Davis. The album features productions from known and experienced hit-makers in the business such as Donovan Germain of Penthouse, Shane Brown of Juke Boxx Productions, and Dawin Brown of Vikings Sounds. Romain Virgo is laden with solid hits some of these singles already released and have ridden the local and overseas charts, blended with some less familiar but equally well arranged tracks.

Among those in the line-up are, Mi Caa Sleep, Wanna Go Home (Rain is Falling), Murderer, Love Doctor, Who Feels It Knows It (featuring Etana), and Live Mi Life.

Romain has always been known for maintaining above average standards since his official entry into the music business in 2007. Throughout the Rising Stars talent competition which brought him to national attention, he was a cut above everyone, and at 17, managed to charm the ears and hearts of the nation for the victory. Since then, he has been working with a few of Jamaica’s best producers who have molded him into the star he is today. Romain Virgo is a talented and vibrant artiste who is steadily gaining widespread recognition for his quality music. He is currently pursuing a Diploma in Music Performance at the Edna Manley School for the Visual and Performing Arts, after which he plans to complete a Bachelor's degree. His formal training and immense natural talent have allowed him to become attuned to making hits and delivering star performances. He has made several television appearances where he debuted as lead singer of his high school choir on All Together Sing. Based on his success there he entered the Digicel Rising Star Competition and emerged the winner.

Romain was also featured in a high profile Pepsi advertising campaign. He has also performed on some of Jamaica’s major concerts including Rebel Salute, Reggae Sumfest, and the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.

The artiste has done several tracks, some with accompanying music videos, that are extremely successful not only in Jamaica, but across the Caribbean and sections of North America. Cyaan Sleep, I Wanna Go Home, and Love Doctor for example were heavy hitters on music charts in the US Virgin Island, St Croix and in the UK.

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Reasons why I love my Jamaican Mom

1. My Mother taught me about ANTICIPATION.
"Just wait till we get home."

2. My Mother taught me about RECEIVING.
"You going get a ass'n when we get home!"

3. My Mother taught me to MEET A CHALLENGE.
"What di backside yu thinkin'? Answer me when me talk to you...Don't talk back to me!"

4. My Mother taught me CONSEQUENCES.
"If yu run cross de road an' cyar lick yu dung, a goin' kill yu wid lick."

5. My Mother taught me THE VALUE OF EDUCATION.
"If yu no go a school, yu a go tun tief or walk an' pick up bottle."

6. My Mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE.
"If yu tun over yu eye lid an fly pitch pan it, it a go stay so fi evva."

7. My Mother taught me to THINK AHEAD.
"Is not one time monkey goin' wan' wife"

8. My Mother taught me ESP.
"Yu tink a don't know what yu up to nuh?"

9. My Mother taught me HUMOR.
"If yu don' eat food, breeze goin' blow yu 'way."

10. My Mother taught me how to BECOME AN ADULT.
"Come an' tek yu beatin' like man."

11. My Mother taught me about SEX.
"Yu tink say yu drop from sky?"

12. My Mother taught me about GENETICS.
"Yu jus' like yu faada."

13. My Mother taught me about my ROOTS.
"Yu tink mi come from "Back A Wall?"

14. My Mother taught me about WISDOM OF AGE.
"When yu get to be as ol' as me, yu wi understan'."

15. And my all time favorite... JUSTICE.
"One day wen yu have pickney, a hope dem treat yu same way."


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