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Wolmer's takes Boys Champs, Holmwood takes the Girls


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Wolmer's takes Boys Champs, Holmwood takes the Girls

Readers I know that you didn't expect me to make a writeup on what was simply the most epic champs I have seen in my lifetime so far. After all you can see how important champs is to Jamaicans all around by the three different posts on what is essentially the same topic. Champs is that one weekend where essentially the news is sports and sports is the news, and the news this week is that the school that won the first ever boys championships, made a comeback and also made sure that they won on the 100th anniversary of champs in fine style. Holmwood girls also managed to continue their magnificient form winning their 8th consecutive Girls Championships with what is nothing less than a sound beating of early favourites Edwin Allen, stamping their class.

Wolmers**Taken from Jamaica Gleaner

With regards to the boys side of things, earlier in the evening most of the Wolmer's and Calabar fans as both teams enjoyed a ding dong battle for the championship. Calabar had lead earlier on with the field events, taking the discuss and shotput in class 1 gaining a multitude of points to take the lead. Then came the 200m events where Wolmer's once again showed that they were the athletic kings taking most of the 200m races (Odeane Skeene also won the class 2) in addition to giving a sound beating in the class 1 race where Julian Forte and D'wayne Extol romped to 1st and 2nd place seemingly discussing with each other as they ran who should win and who would take second, while the rest of the field were trying desperately to try to catch up.

Forte and extol embarrassing the field**from Jamaica Gleaner

The evening culminated with both Wolmers and Calabar tied for 1st place with 198.5 points and only 1 event left where the schools could gain points. The 4x400 shaped up to be the most exciting event of the day but it was Wolmer's who managed to take it and the championships placing second behind Vere Technical with Calabar placing 7th.

The gleaner in their write up about boys champs stated that:

With a memorable evening of sprinting, the Wolmer's boys gambled big with their stars and outstripped perennial favourites Kingston College and Calabar, by testing those stars, putting them through gruelling combinations of events. Combinations that threatened to spoil their chances of individual glory, but the unselfish act of the team's captain Dwayne Extol - allowing his teammate to win the Boys' Class One 200 metres - displayed the character and spirit of the team.

On the girls side of things, the day was just as exciting as even though Holmwood lead throughout most of the day, Edwin Allen through the excellent performances of their athletes rallied to come within 10 points of Holmwood by the final 4x400m event. However the overall showing of Holmwood athletes such as Chris-Ann Gordon winning the 400 and 800 meter  races, helped bring Holmwood to cruise to another excellent triumph in the championships.

Chris ann Gordon

Another quote from the gleaner states that:

In the girls' championships, the Holmwood machine rolled on after the girls from Christiana in Manchester held off a stiff Edwin Allen challenge to secure their eighth consecutive hold on the coveted crown. Holmwood powered to 273.33 points, just over 15 more than their Frankfield-based neighbours who closed on 258 points.

All in all champs was another really exciting showing, and was surely extremely impressive to all who watched as the quality and class of the athletes was second to none. However in the spirit of Champs I must say congratulations to Wolmers Boys and Holmwood girls for taking the championships, it was certainly excellent.

Wolmers winning champs**From the Jamaica gleaner

Of course I had to end with a Wolmers shot... after all it is my school. AGE QUOD AGIS!!!

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