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Can Jamaica's Economy recover


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Can Jamaica's Economy recover

Further to the post made yesterday I began to think really hard about whether or not Jamaica can really recover from the position we are in. I can already hear the sighs of frustration as you all think "here we go, somebody else with a 'solution' " or, "yea we've heard em all already". But really I think these are some things which people should take notice of... whether or not people have already stated them. All of these are really just the solution, though i'll try my best to include a process for solution as well, so yea this might be long.

First lets talk about crime. I dont care what all the experts say when they perform their studies and look at all this statistics, when all they need to do is walk around and have a conversation with people. Anybody who is over 20 years old will realize that there is a distinct difference between how they grew up and how growing up for kids is nowadays. And no its not just because of the technology thats available the fact that you can no longer buy a patty for $10. But the level of respect and treatment for people has seriously declined.

I know my family is pretty strict on respect for elders and respect on a whole (you know how much beating I get to remember to say good morning, good evening, and good night?), but all in all while I grew up I remember that these values were things which were shared across the board. People would be under serious pressure for disrespecting an older person. However nowadays... not so much, even within my own family I find myself having to teach kids about respect, but at the same time they are young so they are still learning, so its expected.

The issues we are having starts at home. People aren't being trained the same way that they used to, to integrate into society. This is causing a problem where lack of respect causes people to do things which are socially unacceptable and lead to crime and violence. No i'm not talking about the community raising a child either, because to be honest, I wasnt raised by my community. I was raised by my family. We no longer live in villages so that system will probably never come back into play.

The next issue with crime is garrison logic... This is needs to stop I mean come on. I wont even bother to go into the political tieing ins that happen in garrison communities, but the fact is all of these settlements (most of them are squatters) need to be disbanded and make room for healthy functioning communities. These communities breed nothing but violence and lack of respect for the rule of law (except for garrison law) and is the beginning and end of alot of our violence problems.

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