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Weekly Rap-up December 11-17, 2005


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Weekly Rap-up December 11-17, 2005

Sunday December 11, 2005
Miss Jamaica World 2005, Terri-Karelle Griffith made it to the semi finals in the Miss World 2005 Pageant on Saturday in Sanya, China. From a field of 101 contestants Terri was among the final top 15 chosen. The Miss World 2005 title went to Miss Iceland Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir, the first runner-up was Miss Mexico, Dafne Molina Lona, and Miss Puerto Rico, Ingrid Marie Rivera Santos, was second runner-up. Miss Puerto Rico, also won the regional title 'Miss Caribbean'.

Follow up:

The West Indies Cricket Board's (WICB's) has rescheduled the Under-23 women's cricket championship 2005 to begin on Monday December 12,2005 instead of this weekend in Port of Spain, Trinidad because of bad weather. There will be six participating teams, St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) who will be seeking their fourth consecutive win, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, hosts Trinidad & Tobago and a Development X1, made up of young players from some of the participating countries. Weather permitting, on Monday, Jamaica will play SVG at Preysal, T&T will play the Development X1 at Merry Boys, and Barbados play Guyana at Munroe Road. The knockout competition at the end of the league championship has been cancelled.

Monday December 12, 2005
On Monday Constables Roderick Collier, Lenford Gordon and Devon Bernard, three of the six policemen charged in connection with the fatal shooting of four persons in Kraal, Clarendon were freed after Chief Justice Lensley Wolfe upheld a no case submissions by their attorneys. The Chief Justice however, ruled that Senior Superintendent Reneto Adams, Shane Lyons and Patrick Cooke have a case to answer.

According to The Ministry of Finance effective January 01, 2006 no income tax will be taken from earnings below $3,720.00 Jamaican dollars per week. The income tax threshold was last increased on July 01, 2005 to $2784.00 Jamaican dollars per week. A further increase is slated for January 1, 2007.The new income tax threshold monthly will be $16,120.00 and annually will be $144768.00.

Head of the St. Catherine North Traffic Division, Inspector Patrick Murdock, said that effective Monday morning taxi and minibus operators who operate in Spanish Town will be required to pick up and let off passengers only at designated areas in that town. Soliciting of passengers on Young Street, Cumberland Road, French Street and Wellington Street will no longer be allowed. Passengers must now go to the municipal car park on Wellington Street. Strong action will be taken against any operator who breaches the new rules.

At the official launch of Bless TV, an Adventist cable TV station for residents of Portmore, Spanish Town and its environs president of the Northern Caribbean University, Dr. Herbert Thompson urged church leaders in Jamaica not to try to out give Dons but rather to establish centres of learning so that persons can depend on themselves for survival.

Tuesday December 13, 2005
Since the death of Donovan 'Bulbie' Bennett, Jamaica’s most wanted fugitive for the past ten years at least four other members of the Clansman gang have been shot dead. At the death of the feared gang leader the police had reported that Bennett owned a fleet of 89 vehicles, seven mansions and owned assets valuing more than $100 million. Since then, the Clansman gang have been at war over control of the multi-million dollar extortion racket. Police say they are working to dismantle the Clansman gang for good and that more arrests are imminent.

Finally on Tuesday morning at the Ministry of Labour a complete wage and fringe benefits agreement was reached between the Civil Aviation Authority, CAA, and the island's 63 air traffic controllers who have been waiting eighteen months for a salary increase. Of the last issues which had been holding up negotiations the air traffic controllers will receive loans to a maximum of $250,000.00 each from a 13.5 million dollar fund to be repaid over three yeas staring July 01, 2006 at an interest rate of six percent per annum. The air traffic controllers have withdrawn their threat to take industrial action effective Wednesday.

Wednesday December 14, 2005
On Wednesday evening the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) Municipal Christmas Tree lighting ceremony which marks the official launch of the Christmas season was held at St. William Grant Park, downtown Kingston. Hundreds on residents from the downtown Kingston community came out for the annual event which started in1952. The ceremony was officiated by the Mayor of Kingston, Desmond McKenzie and the evening's guest speaker was Leader of the Opposition Bruce Golding. There were also Christmas-themed performances. The Mayor said, “The tree is a symbol of hope in the future of the city, and its ability to rise again", and implored the downtown community to treat the park and the tree with the respect and honour they deserve. "As long as we can come here each Christmas to turn on these lights, in harmony and friendship, there will be hope for us, our city and Jamaica, and we can still look to next year with optimism," said the mayor.

The Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) says that the nation’s generating capacity will be increased early next year with the arrival of a new power barge. Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP), which now provides the JPS with 74 megawatts, will increase its contribution to 123 megawatts (MW) with the purchased of a 50-MW power barge from Wartsila Oyj in Singapore which is expected to arrive in January 2006 and should be operational by February. The additional capacity should reduce power outages and increase the country's electricity reserve margin.

Thursday December 15, 2005
The Old Harbour Health Centre in St. Catherine has been closed temporarily because of threats from thugs. A sign was posted at the health centre on Wednesday stating that services were suspended indefinitely. Recently there has been several incidents including a spate of robberies at the health centre. The latest incident occurred on Wednesday when a man entered the facility wielding a knife. Reports are that the tyres on a car belonging to a member of staff had also been slashed. President of the Old Harbour Community Development Committee, Delores Clement, is calling for security measures to be implemented at the health centre.

Reports are that the administration of the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) is investigating an incident in which a patient was misdiagnosed with HIV. No details have so far been released and the identity of the person misdiagnosed is being withheld however it is understood that the hospital is investigating the matter.
Last year a teacher who was also misdiagnosed with the virus that leads to AIDS in 2002 by the government run Blood Bank filed a lawsuit against the government who was forced to negotiate a settlement. Details of that settlement have not been released.

Information Officer attached to Operation Kingfish, Sergeant Steve Brown has confirmed that checks conducted on a firearm found in the possession of a member of the Gideon Warriors gang apprehended earlier this week has revealed that it was used in at least five murders. The man, whose name has not been released, reportedly went underground after the capture of gang leader, Joel Andem, and Kevin 'Richie Poo' Tyndale.

Friday December 16, 2005
Corporal Grantley Waite, the policeman who was allegedly beaten by his colleagues at the Salem Police Station on November 16 died Friday morning at the Kingston Public Hospital. Corporal Waite suffered serious spinal injuries during the altercation. It is understood that the policemen involved did not know that Corporal Waite was a policeman. No details on the investigation into the beating, has yet been released. Police Commissioner Lucius Thomas says he will be handing over the files relating to the attack on Corporal Waite to the Director of Public Prosecutions who is expected to rule on the matter by December 21. Meanwhile, Corporal Waite's daughter Saskia says she is saddened by the fact that her father's colleagues contributed to his death.

On Friday morning human rights activist Dr. Carolyn Gomes was threatened with jail by Chief Justice Lensley Wolfe for showing dissent as he issued his directives to the jurors hearing the Kraal trial. According to Justice Wolfe, Dr. Gome's body language could have sent the wrong message to the jurors however, the human rights lobbyist is describing the Chief Justice's comments as unwarranted.

Saturday December 17, 2005
The Ministry of Labour and National Security has clamped down on delinquent employers who have not paid over National Insurance Scheme deductions. Over 1,000 employers are now facing legal action. Director of Communications in the Ministry, Gerry McDaniel, said delinquent employers have until January 15 to pay over the money to the Ministry. .

The Trinidad and Tobago female cricketers emerged champions of the West Indies Under-21 Women’s Cricket Tournament in Trinidad and Tobago for the first time with maximum 12 points. The Jamaican’s performance was very disappointing despite having 10 players attending their third regional tournament. The Jamaican’s ended the tournament bottom of the table.

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