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Our Students at Risk in Troubled Communities


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Our Students at Risk in Troubled Communities

As terror continues to reign in Arnett Gardens, South St. Andrew teachers from two schools Trench Town and Charlie Smith High have decided to take to the streets. The teachers plan is to abandon classes today Monday, October 3,2005 and tomorrow, Tuesday October 04, 2005 and stage a protest for peace. Reports are that up to yesterday the teachers had not yet applied for a permit to legally go ahead with the demonstration.

Follow up:

Last week one student from Charlie Smith who was caught in a cross fire between gunmen on her way home from school was shot and injured. The child was hospitalized with a bullet wound to her shoulder. Another student, a 13-year-old female from Trench Town High School was taken from her class and raped at gunpoint.
The renewed violence in the community is affecting both students and teachers. Attendance is down at both schools, teachers are resigning and students are seeking transfers to other schools.
The teachers hope to march through the troubled community taking the opportunity to talk to the parents and residents from the rival gangs. They hope to impress upon them the negative effects the ongoing gang warfare is having on their children. A meeting is also planned for tomorrow Tuesday, September 04,2005 with the Ministry of Education on the violence affecting the schools.
I’m not sure if the march did take place to day however I do believe it’s a first step. It’s sad that the children will miss two days of learning but then how much can they learn under the present conditions. It’s frightening to think that even within the classroom a student is not safe.
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